Ladies and Gentlemen in Pawnland!

As I prepare to get on a plane and fly out of Los Angeles, I am happy to report that the industry’s First Peer Focus Groups meeting has just gone down and history has been made in the Pawn Industry.

We have multiple countries and a wide array of members in this first of many new Peer Focus Groups that the Pawnshop Consulting Group is NOW forming.

We began this groups event with an outstanding tour of the King Pawn Operation based in the Los Angeles basin and went into our two days of brutal sessions from there. These groups allow like minded entrepreneurs to explore every aspect of their businesses along with their fellow peers. Philosphies, operational mantra’s, financial benchmarking, human resources, marketing and everything else you can imagine that it takes to be in business today in this complex world in which we live.

I am off to get on another airplane as I am typing this blog, we will provide some detailed updates very soon and if your organization would like to get involved with the next generation of the pawnbroking industry by becoming involved in a newly formed focus group, feel free to contact us directly!

Much more coming soon!

Jerry Whitehead

Pawnshop Consulting Group, Inc.



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