It’s been a busy time since we partnered up (or rather created a Joint Venture) with ButterMilk Media in Mid-June for our new Website Design, Social Media Integration offerings and more!  We were also extremely pleased that the International Pawn Symposium worked out so well – but it took up a lot of time in regards to my being able to keep up with posts about our “other” news and what’s been going on with myself, Pawnshop Consulting Group, Inc as well as Steve Moore and  ButterMilk Media.

Be that as it may, I was asked by Kevin MacDonald of “Big Daddy’s Pawn” and past president of the MS Pawnbrokers Association to speak at the Mississippi (MS) Pawn Brokers Association for the Continuing Education in mid-summer that is now required for all pawn shops in MS.

I gave Steve Moore of ButterMilk Media a call to get him to come over and record the Seminar via audio/video and Steve took some photos as well.  I’ll be posting more about that event and others in the days to come – and of course, we’ll be adding a lot of photos of the pawnshop owners or workers in the pawn shops that were required to attend in Jackson, MS as well as videos that Steve Moore shot as is now in the process of post-editing.   As there was a really good turn out and we had people attend from all around that area: Jackson, Pearl, Vicksburg, Greenville, and many more!

Again, Kevin MacDonald, the then President of the MS Pawnbrokers Association was kind enough to invite us!  So we’re going to make sure to return the favor and help promote the MS Pawn Shops CE.  Kevin owns several pawnshops in the Jackson, MS and surrounding areas!  Check him out a “Big Daddy’s Pawn” or visit his Linked In Profile (JUST CLICK HERE)

Our plan is to post numerous photos, several video snippets of the Presentation so that you can get an idea about what I speak about when addressing these pawn shops or pawn brokers for CE.  As these CE sessions are a lot different from my other speaking engagements!   MORE TO COME – so STAY TUNED!


Jerry Whitehead

Pawnshop Consulting Group, Inc.




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