Services Provided

Our general list of services is as follows:

Pawnshop Operations

  • Evaluate Overall Business Philosophy
  • Detailed Analysis on Asset Performance
  • Evaluate Personnel and Compensation Programs
  • Provide Comprehensive Training Programs (All Levels)
  • Complete Forensic Type Auditing Services to include:
  • Hard Goods – Loan / Retail
  • Jewelry – Loan / Retail
  • Layaway Disposition
  • Transaction Details
    • Comprehensive Management and Operational Programs
    • In-Store on-going Management Training Seminars and Motivational Programs – Customized and offered On-Site
    • Marketing Programs
    • Capitalization Sources and Financing Analysis
    • Private & Public Markets

Operational Management Systems

  • Line Level Employee Training & Systems
  • Assistant & Managerial Level Training & Systems
  • Area Management – Training & Systems
  • Operations Support – Training & Systems
  • Audit Functions – Training & Systems
  • Executive Management Training and Operational Systems

Human Resources

  • Employment Contracts
  • Management Contracts and Agreements
  • Personnel Hand guides
  • Employee Compensation Programs
  • Employee Benefit Programs
  • Management Compensation Programs
  • Performance Goal Programs
  • Employment Needs
  • Nationwide & International Human Resource Capabilities
  • Quality Employment Recruitment and Retention Programs

Employee Training Seminars & Programs That Enhance Your Businesses Goals!

Pawnshop Valuations

  • Loan Yield Analysis
  • Retail Inventory Analysis
  • Overall Asset Performance
  • Business Model Assessment
  • Market Assessment
  • Competition Analysis and Detailed Observations – Dark Shopping
  • Valuation Services
    • Equity Partner Dissolutions
    • Ownership Changes
    • Estate Planning
    • Fair Market Evaluation
    • Market Representation
    • Acquisition Opportunities
    • Valuation Opinions
    • Capitalization

Acquisition Services

  • Identify Potential Targets
  • Analyze Asset Base & Potential
  • Assess Demographic Profile of Target(s)
  • Comprehensive Financial Analysis
  • Complete Acquisition Asset Auditing to include:
    • Hard goods – Loan / Retail
    • Jewelry – Loan / Retail
    • Layaway Disposition
    • Furniture & Fixture Detail
    • Information System Credibility and Status Reporting (Security)
      • Price Point and Valuation Negotiations
      • Valuations
      • Customer Analysis
      • Operational Transitions
      • Brokerage Services

Payday and Alternative AFS Services

PCG also provides an array of consulting services in the Payday and check cashing sectors. We have assembled a great team of professional service providers that allows us to offer extensive support and set-ups for those wishing to make an intro into these sectors as well.


We are now offering a whole new list of services and products!

We now offer marketing, social networking and related services from Brand Identity to website development and Social Networking. For more information please E-mail us at:

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