Folks, I enjoyed this one so much I felt compelled to share with our members, please click on the link and let us know what you think.

What is happening to our country is frightening!

Below  is a short interview with Steve Wynn.  Some of  you know of him.  He’s a Multi-Billionaire,  Hotelier and Real Estate Investor in Las  Vegas, Asia, and Macau China (by Hong  Kong).  He’s been a guest from time to time on  all the network financial news programs.    What’s amazing is that CNBC aired this, CNBC, one of  the White Houses favorite propaganda machines!

It  was not even 2 hours after Steve Wynn’s interview that  he received a invitation from the tenants at 1600  Pennsylvania Blvd, Washington, DC.  wanting him to explain in person why he said what  he  said!!!

CLICK  BELOW  on  his name to open (has sound).

Steve  Wynn <>

Jerry Whitehead

Pawnshop Consulting Group, Inc.


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