Consultant’s Bios

Professional Working Biography

Jerry Whitehead

Whitehead’s Investments Inc. – DBA Uncle Joe’s Pawn Shops

The family began in the industry in 1961. Jerry Whitehead began as a child in the industry working his first store operations in 1968. He grew up in the pawn business and was involved for 30 years in the family business which operated 12-stores at time of acquisition by Cash America International in late 1992.

1978 – 1983 Vice President Operations – Whitehead’s Investments Inc. – DBA Uncle Joe’s Pawn Shops

Mr. Whitehead was principally involved in all aspects of the daily operations of the stores, including employee programs and operational oversight of the stores.

He was instrumental in the growth and expansion of the Pawn Operations of the family business by growing the store counts and modernizing their existing operations along with his father and brother during these years.

1983 – 1987 Owner – Pacific Music and Traders – Maui Hawaii

Mr. Whitehead owned and operated an island-based pawn type trading company along with a regional sound and lighting Production Company. Providing an island type-trading environment along with a commercial concert sound/lighting production services company.

1988 – 1992 Chief Operating Officer – Whitehead’s Investments Inc. – DBA Uncle Joe’s Pawn Shops

Whitehead was instrumental in defining new market areas and establishing larger super-store type models in non-traditional markets, growing the company from 8 to 12 stores during these years. This exercise proved to be very successful as the operation produced some of the best performing stores witnessed in the Pawn industry at that time in the state of Texas.

Late in 1992 UJP a 12-store DFW based pawn chain was acquired – assets only by Cash America for a deal with leases that was valued at approximately 10 million dollars.

1993 – 1997 Chief Operating Officer Doc Holliday’s Pawnbrokers and Jewellers

Initially Mr. Whitehead assisted the company’s development by successfully placing various debt and equity instruments to obtain growth capital. They started with 8 stores in one state in operation. By mid-1995 through strategic alliances and key acquisitions along with targeted startups, Doc Holliday’s had grown their store base to over 50 stores doing business in 6 states with an IPO in the works.

Mr. Whitehead was involved in all aspects of the operations and was instrumental in developing and defining their overall operational systems, philosophies, recruitment, team management, and growth of the organization.

The company was exploring the public marketplaces during this time. By early 1996 Whitehead began the initial communications that later lead to Doc Holliday’s being acquired by Cash America in Late 1997. At that time, Doc’s was the largest privately held pawn-chain in the United States. That deal consisted of cash, equity, and leases that totaled in at approximately $30 million dollars.

1997 – 2003 Chief Executive Officer Pawn Max Inc., Max Title Inc., Payday Max Inc.

Post-acquisition of Doc Holliday’s, Whitehead proceeded to Florida. The investing group they had assembled wanted to acquire pawnshops and open up auto title lending operations in the Florida market.

They successfully acquired several pawnshop operations and opened up a number of auto title lending operations that also had a focus on digital communications systems (pagers/cellphones) and more.

In 2000 and in 2003 Whitehead sold the pawnshop operations to PMC – Pawnshop Management Company out of Ft. Worth Texas and assisted them with several other key acquisitions in the Florida market.

2003 – 2005 Consultant – Cash N’ Pawn International LTD.

In late December of 2003, Whitehead took a consulting role with CNP (Cash N Pawn) a 12-store chain based out of Minneapolis Minnesota doing business in 3 states. He provided various roles for the company that included internal audit needs, information system updates, and upgrade, and senior management and oversight of a number of locations.

2009 – 2013  CashWiz Holdings LLC

PCG and Mr. Whitehead were involved with the early development and subsequent early capitalization of CashWiz Holdings LLC., that was based in Georgetown in the Cayman Islands.

The first store was opened in March of 2009 in Providenciales in the Turks N Caicos Islands, followed by the 20+ stores in 12 other Caribbean countries and the USA.

2001 – Current – Pawnshop Consulting Group, LLC.

Pre-N Post the acquisition of the Pawn Max Operations in Florida in the early 2000’s, it should be noted that Whitehead had been working a large network of people and service providers through various board positions held on state and national pawn trade associations. This assisted with creating a wide network and series of working professional relationships. This culmination of this network base has allowed for the development of the consulting group.

The group began its early formation in the late 90’s and formerly culminated in 2001. The group includes a number of highly recognized industry human resource professionals, seasoned pawnbroker/consultants, legal & accounting professionals, and a host of financial professionals and others that all participate within the group on a needs basis.

To date, the group and Mr. Whitehead have been responsible for the acquisition or sale of more than 250 + Pawnshops in the past 35 years and currently assists hundreds of clients in more than 40 countries and across the United States.

Mr. Whitehead and PCG™ have also created the Industry’s first and only “Pawn Peer Focus Groups™”, the International Pawn Symposiums™, The Pawn Management Camp™ series, and today’ is the creator and owner of the “Crossover EXPO™ LLC”, a high-level educational regional pawn trade show,, and today co-producer of the “Pawn Summit”.

Mr. Whitehead has been on the lecture circuit for the last 15 years presenting high-level presentations and events for numerous trade shows in the USA including the National Pawnbrokers Association along with the Midwest PBA, the California PBA, the Dixie PBA, Fenacoven in Colombia, AMESPRE in Mexico, NPA of the UK London, and numerous others over the years.

The Pawnshop Consulting Group™ continues to be the Industry Leader in Pawnshop Consulting on a worldwide basis.


Dave started with Value Financial Services or (Value Pawn 70+ Stores) back in 2002 – 2009 and quickly progressed to be Director of Operations responsible for 1/3 of the operations of the company in Tampa, Jacksonville, Lakeland, Plant City, Leesburg Florida, and remained in that position after the Company was acquired by EZ Corp in late 2008 for 120+ Million Dollars.

Post that event Dave was a partner/manager of Mega Pawn & Jewelry in Orlando Florida until the operations were acquired by CashWiz out of the Cayman Islands earlier this year.

Dave specializes in multi-unit, multi-store management and will fill a wide range of roles for PCG in the field and elsewhere. Specializing in establishing standard operational procedures “SOP”, budget oversight, KPI’s and store level financial performance, audit controls, personnel reviews, training, and much more.


Alan started his Pawn Career back in (2007-2016) with EZ Corp out of Austin Texas. Alan was Vice President of Operations for EZ and directed 223 stores in Texas, Nevada, and Utah. This division was a $200 Million-dollar division and he was responsible for all aspects of these stores and that division during his tenure.

Prior and Post EZ Alan was a Regional Director for Rent-A-Center and oversaw 120 stores in California, Arizona, and in North Carolina.

Post his involvement with RAC Alan was a regional manager for MarketSource (Electrolux) supervising some 20 district managers with 1100+ stores.

Today Alan has developed the PawnTrain application that is an electronic Pawn Training product that provides high-level training to new pawnbrokers coming into the business.

PCG with Alan will be further developing the PawnTrain application to include various software products currently offered as part of that training application, and will also be assisting with on-boarding clients who are switching from one pawn software product to another, as well as basic in store support and training to facilitate greater ease in one of the most difficult situations there is in business, changing software.

Alan will also be conducting Professional recruitment for PCG clients in our global market realms. This includes seeking out specific profiles of people for specific roles in the Pawn Operations themselves. Alan like myself has been through 1000’s of employees Pawn Specific and knows exactly what we are seeking for the various roles that exist in our field. PCG will also be offering on-boarding of new personnel, orientations, software introduction / training, and training support when on-boarding new employees with any team anywhere.