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  • PCG Business Model has always been Pawnshop Consulting

    Hello Pawn Fans around the world !!

    Updates from the Pawnshop Consulting Group are as follows:

    Make NO mistake about it, the Pawnshop Consulting Group is here to serve this beloved industry as we have for more than 15 years on the consulting side alone.

    PCG is proud to continue to be recognized as the leading Pawn Consulting Group in the world today as one of the very first, and are proud to see that we have created a very unique niche that has allowed others to attempt to provide consulting services in the Pawn Space as well.

    Our Business Model has always been in the Pawnshop Consulting space and did not have to evolve from some other industries.

    To date, we have serviced more than 600 clients on a worldwide basis and continue to expand globally and well beyond the borders of the USA. These efforts allow PCG to remain on the cutting edge of where our industry is going in real time, all the time.

    Looking to save a few bucks, or gain skills for your business for a lifetime?

    Contact the true Pro’s of Pawnshop Consulting today, we Live to serve !!

    Jerry Whitehead

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