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  • Some Perspectives on Security Measures and Guns

    Ben and everyone else that answered, with all due respect, this is not the wild west any more. The quick draw and stand off at the OK Corral went out 100 years ago. We have the lives of our employees and our customers at stake. Most of these Bad Guys are crazy or on drugs. 99% of the time they will have the jump on you. Your life is always more important then your belongings or our clients belongings. Brave and stupid will eventually get you killed. Use your head, stay aware, stay calm, stay unemotional, don’t close off options and force a violent confrontation.  
    There are a few simple rules that can save lives and maybe discourage violence from happening in the first place.
    Limit temptation.  
    You should never work alone or  with fewer personnel that safty requires. 
    Make the target look as hard as posible without scaring away customers.    Use front door buzz gates, limited access, or controled access.
    Use vault time locks, time delays, dual access, limited access, and controled access.
    Use CCTV, off-site storage, supervised, multiple camera, POS, video cameras. 
    Use things like money dye packs, hold up buttons carried on the body, cash drawer triggers, vault door or safe door alarms, exterior bells, dirrect-connect alarm systems. Fog systems, preset panic codes, prearranged verble codes, RFID, and the list can go on and on. 
    And, if all these non-vilent solutions are not enough for your peace of mind then one visible, well trained, uniformed, insured, ARMED guard at a UNACCESSABLE guards booth with sight lines of the front door and all important areas of the store with a video monitor, PA system, and a holdup alarm button will / should give you all the security you need. 
    More guns in a store does not make you safer. All it does is mean there is the more chances that an employees or customers will get hit or killed be a gun happy, untrained, employee or be collateral damage from flying lead.
    Think smart not emotional. Use all alternitives prior to using deadly ones.
    The other guy is always going to have the drop advantage, have the fire power advantage, be a little bit more crazy, out of control or desperate, so if you want to beat them by playing their game you have to depend on luck or be more uncivilized then they are. 
    The only way to win the game is to refuse to play the game by the rules they set. 
    Be prepared. Use you head. Don’t be emotional. And, don’t become the uncivilized crazy person that is the cause of the problem in the first place. Your smarter then that.
    Belongings can always be replaced. Life is the only thing that matters.                  

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    As always, thank you for your input and wisdom on so many levels. Unfortunately, it is that crazy person that comes in pretending to be a customer for ten minutes and as soon as you look away ,you look back and that 357 revolver is in your face or at your people’s heads. I am not sure how one prevents this or can it be with technology or any other way? I am always interested in any solution or suggestions.


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    Why reinvent the wheel or surrender to the uncivilized side?


    Bank have used time locked vaults and no entry back into the store or no entry outside regular opening and closing times without the police being dispatched for decades.


    We have signs on the entry doors, in the public areas, on the back door ( inside and out ), on our alarm cards ( carried by all management in our wallets ), on all employee ID and emergency contact cards ( carried by all employees ) ( which we suggest that each employee get a duplicate copy and leave at home for their family members ) and very prominently ( in large print ) on all vault doors.


    If the store has to stay open later then normal closing time a second call to an outside coded manager to confirm the change of schedule must be made by the central station (otherwise the specific directions to the 3 different alarm companies that monitor each store is to roll the police and the incident is to be treated like a holdup or a hostages situation).  


    Even during scheduled opening times it takes two different manages with different sets of keys to open the front door and to individually put their different alarm codes into three different alarm systems to turn them from closed mode to open mode. There is a panic code for each code carrier (their own code backwards).


    There is a biometric conformation on all of the Vault doors prior to accepting any individual manager’s combination. They are time locked until opening time. It takes two individual manages combinations to open each vault door. There is a time delay for opening the vaults even after the correct two combinations are put in (10 to 15 minutes).


    We have off site storage of all video and openings closings, and changes in schedules are all exception report recorded and archived (audio and video).


    Carrying Guns and living in fear is not something I want to do. Being aware of my surrounding and taking realistic precautions using technology should allow us to live a normal life. There are always going to be crazies out there that will try to take on any set of planed defenses but I am not about to live in fear or lower myself to a uncivilized level of living.  


    It can be done without lowering yourself to their level.      




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