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  • Never Pay Processing Fees Again !!

    PCG is expanding on a program we introduced last year at our Crossover EXPO !!

    PCG has several solutions we are offering in the Industry and yes, our programs are pawn and gun friendly!

    First of all, it’s a CASH DISCOUNT PROGRAM, NOT a surcharge or convenience fee program

    These programs are easy and completely legal in all 50 states, A “cash discount” occurs when a merchant decreases the price of the product for cash purchases. Cash discount programs do not discriminate across card types. Cash discounts reward customers for paying via with cash!

    Cash Discount Programs require complete transparency to the consumer. We provide all the proper signage and equipment for our merchants signing up for these programs.

    There’s NO reason to wait, our programs main features are:

    One of our clients that recently signed up compared how he will be saving some $24,000 per year, or 2K Per Month in processing fees on this program and loves it.

    What are you waiting for? Contact PCG today to start the process for your business today and start saving money immediately !!

    Jerry Whitehead

    Pawnshop Consulting Group, LLC.

    900 Egan Way CT

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