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Why is it that some pawn businesses are excelling – building, growing, opening new locations and on top or ahead of industry trends, while others in the same industry are shrinking, struggling to attract customers and considering closing their doors? No one has all the answers, but the experts at PCG can help you navigate the road ahead for your pawn business. Lead by Jerry Whitehead, the Pawnshop Consulting Group is the leading pawnshop business consulting firm worldwide.

Jerry grew up in the pawn business, after opening five stores he helped sell the family chain of 12 stores in 1992—a deal valued at more than 10 million dollars to Cash America. As COO, Jerry was instrumental in the expansion of Doc Holliday’s into the largest privately held pawn chain in the United States. As COO, he oversaw operations, recruitment, management, and organizational growth. In 1997, Doc Holliday’s was acquired by Cash America in a deal valued at approximately $30 million. Experience what PCG can do for your pawn business knowing it is based pawn business experience and expertise at the highest level.

We do not offer cookie-cutter consulting, one-size-fits-all solutions, and we will not work with your competitors. What we do is start by getting to know you and your business. Accurate financial data is essential for success. We help integrate financial metrics, forecasting, and accounting software into your current operations. E-commerce is part of the pawn business you will learn to embrace with our guidance. 

Overpaying underachievers while underpaying overachievers is not a productive compensation strategy. Obviously, it is the exact opposite. The truth is the compensation-productivity gap is real and its impact should not be underestimated. Our proven-to-work systems let employees know what is expected and the tendency is to meet or exceed those expectations. Retention, sales, and productivity increase that means more money and everybody is happy.

  • How does compensation affect employee productivity?
  • Do higher wages increase productivity?
  • How to narrow your compensation-productivity gap?
  • How does the compensation-productivity gap impact my bottom line?

Whether you are selling your business to retire, acquiring stores to broaden market share, or merging with a sister brand Pawnshop Consulting Group is your transition partner. Because the territory may be unfamiliar for you, our experts guide you step-by-step. Whatever your goals are for your pawn operation, we can help.

  • What is a pawnshop valuation?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of a merger?
  • What are the advantages of acquisition?
  • What are the benefits of using a M&A consultant?

Finding the employees that are a good fit is a critical part of running a business. We understand the specifics of the pawn industry quirks including the clients, their needs, and the demographics. So, we focus on hiring service-minded people. Once we identify candidates, we analyze applications and review resumes. Next, our experts conduct meaningful interviews, help you decide who to hire, and assist training and onboarding, too. Let PCG make sure the right people are in place.

  • How to find and retain your top employees?
  • Why service-minded candidates are a good fit?
  • Onboarding employees the right way
  • How we help you hire

PCG is the leader in creating, producing, and facilitating the best and most effective networking and educational events in the pawn industry. Over the past three decades, Jerry Whitehead has circled the globe offering focus groups, symposiums, summits, and trade show productions that brought systematic processes and peer networking to pawnbrokers. From educational seminars to hands-on training to tight-knit insider focus groups to summits welcoming everyone pawnbrokers connect at Pawnshop Consulting Group events. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about how to run your business, advance your skills, and network with like-minded people.

  • Why networking helps your business?
  • How you can acquire new skills?
  • What to expect at your first event?
  • Why industry camaraderie is the boost you need?

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