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  • Pawnshop Consulting Group and PawnTrain Training and Support in the Pawn World

    Ladies and Gentleman in Pawn Land,

    Pawnshop Consulting Group along with our affiliate PawnTrain Redefine Pawn Shop Training and Support in the Pawn Industry!


    Many of you have so much going on with your family and your business along with Covid and life. As a result it has become more challenging to cope and manage all things to the best of our abilities.

    PCG and PT have been onboarding dozens of clients over these past months and have revolutionized ways to professionalize your team with our training and support in the Pawn World. We train on multiple levels, hire and recruiting from some of the best available and have a team of folks to assist with managing your day to day operations remotely and affordably.

    We have developed over 180+ high level training applications for the Pawn Industry that can be administered and taught online via a variety of online platforms along with the materials, training, one on one oversight and hand-holding complete with various levels of certifications.

    Training can be offered in store or in the cloud. We have developed all of our programs to be effectively taught in the cloud along with one on one with owners, management and all levels of personnel where applicable.

    Onboarding new personnel, we can assist with training and support in the Pawn World!

    Our basic training on Pawn history, loan and sales standard, qualifying to the next level, and other programs get your new hires and your existing personnel up to speed on the next generation of pawn shop management and operations quickly, effectively and affordably.

    You can have your own professional training department available to you right now!

    These individual training applications can be offered up ala carte individually, or many of our clients are choosing our “Concierge Level Service Plans” which can offer up to unlimited training and support ongoing on a monthly basis.

    This is our most popular suite of services at this time.

    No one in the Industry offers up what we at PCG and PT are offering today, here is a brief list of training and subject matter – feel free to click on the links below for further detail and sign-ups for individual courses. Keep in mind on our monthly packages you can have all of them and much more for one nominal rate and unlimited support 24/7:



    This is our abbreviated list, PCG and PT specialize in training, supporting, and supervising multi-unit Pawn Operations along with our global consulting clients in more than 40 countries to date.

    Products and services are completely scalable and can be designed to fit ANY budget or Operation. Training and Support in the Pawn World Un-Matched

    PCG and PT bring decades of Multi-Unit Pawn Specific training and support. See what our growing client base is raving about today and become one more of the long line of successful clients and Pawn Family PCG has been developing for 20 + years in the consulting arena and now with PawnTrain on the team, we are unparalleled in this space.

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