Ladies and Gentlemen in Pawn Land !!

We at the Crossover EXPO are proud to announce that for any of you who may be bringing your children, or want to be kids yourself, we have a Disney Discount Program available exclusively for our EXPO attendees.

Once again dates for our EVENT – Crossover EXPO are September 22nd – 25th 2017, Gaylord Resort in Orlando Florida!

Registration has been brisk for folks signing up for the event, here is a link that will redirect you to the Disney Sign up page, feel free to buy your discounted Disney activities right here:

Disney Discount Link Crossover EXPO 2017

Remember, be sure to come help support the Florida Pawnbrokers Association and the Pawn Industry in general as we roll out another exceptional, educational trade show event !!


Hotel rooms are limited, after registering below you will see a hotel registration redirect, be sure to sign up today!

For event registration information and more, here is our general information and registration link for the Crossover EXPO:


Thank you all so much and hope to see you in Orlando SOON !!

Jerry Whitehead



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